31 December 2011

Budapest and its horses.

About three weeks ago I visited Budapest, what a great city. There was a retrospective exhibition of the world famous Hungarian photographer André Kertész in the Hungarian national museum which was amazing. As well there was another of painting called East of Eden - Photorealism: versions of reality in the Ludwig Múzeum , museum of contemporary art, which consisted of Eastern-Central European realist photographical works, presented in parallel with American and Western European piece photo-realistic paintings. Unfortunately it was not allowed to take pictures.
Anyway, in my very short sightseeing I arrived to the Heroes square were the sculptures are really impressive so it was a must for me to make some photos. These were taken more with a "touristic eye" than with the artistic and I converted them to black and white to make them a bit more dramatic.

There are three statesmen in the semi-circular arcades of the square, unfortunately I did not take any notes of  who they may be bu more go here